Pueblo Park – The Thin Green Line

Just outside of Las Vegas proper, tucked away in the heart of Summerlin is a narrow strip of nature sandwiched between housing developments. Over 60 acres of wildlife thrive in a thin linear park about 3 miles long.

Pueblo Park is, as the name suggests, a park. That means paved paths, basketball courts, children playing, etc. But don’t be fooled, the “park” mostly exists at the few locations the main path intersects with major streets. The spaces in-between, while fully artificial and curated, are planted with native trees and shrubs, which form a sort of semi-protected pseudo-wildlife area in which native fauna thrives.

Pueblo park is home to desert cottontails, white-tailed antelope squirrel, quails, bats, several species of birds (both migratory and local), a variety of small reptiles, and much more.

There is a small amount of elevation change to be found if you walk the entire path, though the more frequented regions are mostly flat. There are small unpaved side trails for those looking for a more natural experience, and the main trail connects to several useful roads and paths, making it a potentially excellent addition to a bike commute.

From a photography standpoint, Pueblo Park is a mixed bag. There is a lot of beauty there to capture, and more wildlife than you’d typically find in the middle of Summerlin, but the park is completely surrounded on all sides by housing developments that frequently pollute your shots. The most noteworthy wildlife are bats, which take wing at the least photography-friendly times of day, are fast-moving, and hard to track. Quail and rabbit are more frequent and friendly targets, though unlike local favorite Lone Mountain, the terrain will most frequently work against you in getting level with the eye-line of small animals. Be prepared to spend a lot of time crouching, kneeling, etc.

To summarize, Pueblo Park is not a truly wild place, but it is an excellent way to connect with nature well inside city limits. It’s a pleasant walk along a well-connected path, and has far more amenities than you’ll find at the average trailhead. Lovely place.

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